is it my fault?

i was 7 and a half months pregnant wen i miscaried. me and my bf were both supper happy. but i was walking home one night and i was attacked and stabbed in the stomach. is it my fault my baby is dead?

there is way what so ever that it is your fault the babys dead. dont you think that it was  the stupid idiot that attack you dont blame yourself and keep strong xx

idk wat to say sooo...... hey.....bye

how can it not be my fault i didnt protect my baby

You did your best to protect your baby. You can only protect your baby to an extent hon, losing you baby by being stabbed is not you not 'caring' or 'protecting him or her'. I am so sad for you. What a terrible thing to happen. What a horrible person to even think of hurting your baby and you.


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