Encouragement: don't give up
I was pregnant at 17 by someone who was in love with someone else, we were together for 4 years and 3 of those years he nada secret relationship w someone else. I was around 4 months pregnant and I wanted an abortion but I couldn't bare to go through with it. Anyway long story short 4 1/2 months in my water broke and I was rushed to the hospital on 4/13/2011 worse part is it was my 18th birthday. I found out while giving delivery I was pregnant with twin boys and I celebrate them every year my birthday comes around. And as far as that guy I loved so much he left me a week after the twins were born for the girl he loved and I was left to grieve alone, then I met this guy that I didn't like very much but he made me laugh so hard lol it was like I was another person around him eventually I began to like him and one year later I was pregnant AGAIN lol and he was there for me every step of the way. & then September 9,2012 came around and he proposed to me in front of family and friends. I said yes and November 18th we were married. Now we have a house of our own and living happily w our 6month old baby. my point is Everything happens for a reason so don't let nothing stop you. Everyone gets their happily ever after :-)

I am so sorry for your losses. It it good to hear your life is going well. The boys will always be remembered.


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