She'd be five next month.
When I was 16.. I got pregnant.. I lost her. She'd be starting kindergarten this year. And it absolutely kills me. I work at a daycare and all of my friends daughters are starting school soon. And it hurts me to know that Miya will never do that. Sorry if I've wasted a good post. I just needed to vent..and I don't really have anyone to talk to about it.
I'm soo sorry , it was probably hard enough just having to be pregnant at 16 and all the things ppl said : / How did you lose her .. ? I am here if you need to talk
I lost her due to stress.. I was on dance team, gay, and sixteen. My family didn't speak to me and pushed for an abortion.. I still blame myself. If I wouldn't have let them stress me out.. she'd still be here.
Don't blame this on yourself and when I say this I do not say it too be rude but if god took her than he was doing it because he cares not too punish you !

I just read your post. I know you'll probably come back to this post when you think of her so I will post. I'm so sorry for your loss, she will forever be remembered and loved by you.

I miscarried once.......... I will miss my liliianah. She would be starting Kindergarton!


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