I Had A Miscarriage

I'm seventeen years old and in love. My boyfriend and I have been together for seven months and have been talking marriage for a while now. 
Recently, we started suspecting that I was pregnant because we got a little careless when it came to protected sex when we used to be extremely careful. He freaked out because he already has a daughter of his own from another girl and his daughter is three years old. Me? I was actually kind of excited, happy. I know it's way too young to have a child, but why let the fact of having one scare and stress me out? I wanted that child to be loved from the very beginning. 

I started looking at baby clothes, cribs, toys, ect. And I couldn't help but picture how cute our baby would be and how we'd have our own family. And then something terrible happened.
I started to bleed, like a period, but the blood was far too bright and thin to be menstrual. It began to have a muxus like texture to it along with what looked like clots but flesh colored. The blood darkened and then slowed. A couple days later I began to spot dark blood and had horrible cramps, ones I've never experienced before. After a few hours the blood turned bright red and had large flesh colored chunks in it. 
And then I knew I had lost my baby. 
And I can't even express how hard it is right now. Because I didn't want a child now, not this soon. but when I thought I'd be having one, I didn't care. i just wanted my baby. And now it's all gone. 

I know exactly what you are going through...it's so hard. It happened to me a week after I graduated high school, earlier this May and I was so shocked and upset. I thank God for taking it into his own hands, though, because of my age. He has plans for us, just remember that. You're the mother to an Angel, always remember that. Never let anyone convince you that you aren't a mommy. Keep your head held high. If you need to talk to someone, please don't hesitate to send me a message.



Good luck with coping and healing, and God bless!

I can't say I can relate, but I hope its alright to let you know that I'm truly sorry for your loss. I hope that in the future you have better luck. You sound like you'll make a great mother one day.


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