Did I have a miscarriage?

Last night I started getting what I thought was menstrual cramps, so I expected it was my period. I put on  a panty liner and went to bed. I woke up and I got my period that night. I went to work.


After awhile at work I started getting horrific pains every 15-20 minutes. I had to stop what I was doing and breath through my mouth until they were gone. Then they started coming every 5-10 minutes. I went over the road and bought some pain relievers, and that helped a little. I had to take out my tampon earlier and use a pad because of the pain.


While I was sitting at my desk I felt something come out, and I thought it was just heavy bleeding. I went to the bathroom to check and there was a white/pinkish tissue hallow sack about the size of a golfball. At one end there was a hole, and at the top of the sack was a dark long red lump inside. I started panicking and took pictures of it unsure if I should show pictures to my doctor or just take the whole thing with me to the doctors. I ended up doing both, and my doctor was unsure of what it was. Since I use birth control, he said that it could either be a fetus or a muscle knot that fell out. But after it fell out I stopped bleeding, and only get a couple spots... could this be a miscarriage?


I have had one current sex partner, which has lasted for about 3 months. The last time we had sex was about 3 weeks ago. I should also mention that I have usually been taking birth control everyday as I should, but there has been a couple days I forgot to take them so I ended up taking 2 at once. Also, the first time we had sex, I wasn't on birth control, and we didn't use any type of protection. I then got started on birth control again when I got my period a week after (very light bleeding that only lasted a couple days.) I took a pregnancy test 3 weeks after to be 100% sure and it was negative. 


Here is a picture of the sack:

Could this be a miscarriage? Please help! 

I would say a miscarriage and did u miss ur period b4 this happened?

I think so, the best way is to go to a doctor and ask. I (think) i had a miscarriage when I was 16 (which is probably for the better) and it was similar to your story.

I recently experienced the same thing and mine looked a lot like what this looked like. I did take it to my dr so she could have tests ran on it to see what it was. I'm being told that it's more like a miscarriage and not a cyst. Strange thing, I was on the pill too. I may have been pregnant before hand because for about 5-6 weeks and this meaning a couple weeks before getting on the pill, my breasts were tender to the touch. I had taken pregnancy tests but were negative. I was diagnosed previously with a cyst on my ovary, when I went back to my dr after this happened, the cyst was no longer there and she informed me to no longer take the pill and put me on antibiotics just in case of miscarriage to fight off any infection.


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