Possible Miscarriage

Hi girls, a back in May I experienced some servere pains in my lower abdomen on the left side. It was sharp, but achy and it pained terribly, I couldn't bend over or move without it hurting. My boyfriend and I use protection and sometimes we have sex and he pulls out. After this incident my period came and it was a bit heavy with with a bit more uteran lining than usual if that makes sense. I didn't realize that I could possibly be having a miscarriage until the third day of my period so the first two days I didn't bother looking for a sac or anything. I took pregnancy tests but they came out negative, but something is still telling me that it was a miscarriage. Months later, my period has been stranger than ever. It's came early, i've had spotting, it's came twice in one month and this month it's late. I know everyone's body is differen't but if someone's experienced something similar PLEASE help me out. I'd go to the doctor but funds are so low right now that it's not possible plus my doctor has a long waiting period to see him anyways.

It's possible you could have been pregnant, but you would have only been 2 weeks prengant. There wouldn't have been a visible sac yet. You probably wouldn't even know. And if you were miscarrying, by the time you expect your period to have occurred you would probably have had enough HcG to give you a positive pregnancy test, even if it was a miscarriage. 


The sudden difference in your period definitely seems strange, but if you've been stressing out over this it could have impacted your cycle. There might be something else going on too. 


Try looking for clinics in your area? I'm not sure how pricing goes on that kind of thing, but it might be worth looking into?


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