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:: I was wondering how you other mommies who have lost a child..How you all deal with everyday life. Its only been 4 mths since mi beautiful daughter passed away in a car accident. I still have such bad days that i cant even get out of bed. Does that get any better? Will i ever be able to look at her pictures & not cry? ::
so sorry about your loss! my aunt lost her son who was 22 in a car accident 8 years ago, and i know she still thinks about him all the time!i hope that things get better for you!
:: Thank you! I dont see how i do it everyday or any other mom whos lost their child :( Your little one is adorable. ::
im so sorry to hear that. one day you will be able to look at her pictures... you may cry still though. but shes with the angels in heaven and everyone you have lost in the past is watching over her. I've miscarried 2. I never got to really know what its like to be pregnant or have a child. (1st i was 5 weeks, 2nd i was barely 5 weeks, like 2 days short of being 5 weeks) I just wonder if i will ever be able to carry and child and know what its like to have one. I also this past Wednesday, mourned the 3 year marker of my ex fiances death. He was only 20 and should have been turning 23 this summer. we werent together when he passed, but since i spent 4 years of my life he was a big part of it. i was the 1st one his mom called and told. to this day, i still talk to his mom, she still looks at pictures and thinks of the day he died. she still cries, and there are still days she doesnt want to get out of bed as well. i tell her to stay positive because he watching over her. and one day they will be reunited again... which same goes for you. one day you and your little one will be reunited as well.
:: Thank you! I have days where i think im okay but i do cry every day!! I am very sorry for your loss. I have some friends who have had a few miscarriages before their child so im sure you will have a beautiful baby someday!! I hope to just one day not feel like im dying when i hear her name or me not to cry when someone mentions her :( ::

I wont tell you it really gets better. I lost my son over a year ago, I have plenty of well I call them my baby loss family who have lost children that would be 18 now. You never get over it and its a tragic burden you will deal with the rest of you life. BUT you learn tto deal with it. Take it day by day and it will start to get easier. I will tell you that you should find a strong support group of women who know what your going through. Talk about it, It helps, like really helps. Remeber your daughter always. Celebrate the time you had with her.

When I lost my son, I felt dead for months, like nothing was ever gonna pull me out of it. This group helped me so much.


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