did I have a miscarriage?

Hey girls... I started on bc a month ago, but have been with my boyfriend since December and we have sex everyday. He would always pull out. My periods are quite regular, they always come at the end of the month/beginning of the next one.

Back in February, I got my period in the middle of the month and it was not a normal period. usually mine are fairly light, they come with a little bit of pain but not a huge amount. This one was full on. I was snowboarding that day, and on the way up the mountain I remember I was leaning on my boyfriend and holding my stomach because my cramps were so bad. We were snowboarding for awhile and I went pee, and there was blood soaking my underwear and I had changed my tampon 2 hours earlier. All day I had to constantly go to the washroom and change my tampon because it was just soaking right through them.

I had one day of this, and the rest of the period was normal, it lasted about 4 days, but was fairly light.

I remember telling my boyfriend that day I thought I had had a miscarriage, because everything was so heavy, painful and out of the ordinary.

it has been bothering me since then - i just want to know if it was or not... does this sound ike a miscarriage to you? Or just a period?

thanks girls

It could have just been a crazy bad period? I've had that a couple times when there is no way I could have been pregnant.

this is not a miscarriage, just a heavy flow day.

generally you pass more than just blood and blood clot-like things when you miscarry. The fetus has to go somewhere. it doesn't magically turn into blood to leave your body


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