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I was 6 and a half weeks pregnant, and on friday night i had a miscarriage. When the paramedics arrived i was found on the bathroom floor covered in blood folding the little fetus in my hand. (the doctor at the hospital did confirm it was the fetus) I have been unable to sleep and am losing my appitite and energy to do anything. I am taking this extremely hard. If anyone has any advice on how i can help myself grieve and how i can help myself handle this situation, please say something. I am in need of any and all help i can get right now. Thank you very much.

Thank you for sharing. Keep sharing. Find someone who knows how to listen. That's the key to the magic of recovery. We tell our story, someone else listens, we feel better. No one knows why it works. It just works. Keep sharing your story.

Every time one recalls a memory, the memory gets rewritten. The facts don't change, the emotional significance attached to the events can change. The emotional signifiance can become less. Eventually we remember the event without so much trauma being attached to it anymore. That's how recovery works.

It's called "processing". We need to "process" these traumatic events, by finding some one who will listen, who knows how to actively listen, quietly, without offering advice or suggestions on how to fix it. They understand the listening itself is the cure.

Also go do things that take your mind off of the recent events. Anything that focuses your mind on something else. It's a trick way of getting the mind off something bad by purposely focusing it on something else, something not so bad. Any project. Or go somewhere you enjoy going, to relax, or have fun, or be at peace, or anything that helps.

Hope you feel better soon! Sorry this happened! Very traumatic indeed!


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