I can't see my avatar

I can't see my avatar, but it seems like other people can. Would anyone happen to experiene the same and know how to fix that?

Do you have "disable avatars" checked in your settings area?

Mine's set to "no"

Hm..well I can see your avatar so there are only two things I can think of right now that may be causing it.?
A.) Your browser might not be allowing you to see it. Have you tried opening gURL from another browser?
B.) I'm leaning more towards this one - it may just be one of the billions of other coding/board issues that I cannot get help with fixing. 😩

:/ hmm, dunno which one it could be. I was able to see my last one just fine. Thanks, though :)

Sometimes it takes a little while for it to load fully. I've seen yours though. The last one was E.W with a mustache. 😜


Yeah, me, my brother, and his bf somehow got onto making a bunch of E.W. puns on FB. Like What started it had nothing to do E.W., but we made it happen x3 I didn't really want to change it, but apparently it was confusing people as to whether I was male or female, so I just changed it to a picture of my cat acting as a hat.

People are crazy if they can't recognize Elijah. His sweet little face is and should be known worldwide. 😮


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