Gif Avatars?

I know you guys are working on making it so we can upload our own avatars (AWESOME!), but I was also wondering if it'll support gif pictures... like pictures with animation.? I'd like to keep my current avatar from gurl proper... which is a smilie holding up a sign that blinks: "Insert Sarcasm Here".? It would totally suck if I uploaded that one and it froze at "Insert", lol.


So will gifs be supported with our uploaded avatars?

oooh! good point! Let me check with our tech team to see if that's possible! :smileyhappy:

I just added a gif avatar for myself :) I'm just not sure which one I want to stick with now haha

Yes, I added one as well. :-)  Though I took it down because the stupid size of it was TINY.  So I'm currently making a new one in photobucket. :)  But yay for gifs!


Next thing on the list... make the avatars larger!!

There.  Just made my own gif avatar. :womanvery-happy:

Great now I want a gif avater lol. That was a good point :)


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