Common Courtesy

Would you so called "Staff" not consider it common courtesy to try and make as early replies as possible to your members questions and queries.
Quite a few days ago I personally post a new thread with regards to avatars, to date there has been precisely no response whatsoever, this I find to be quite disgraceful and totally unprofessional in business.
Maybe, just maybe you will take note of this and communicate accordingly, although sadly I will not be holding my breath for any " miracle" to happen.
I thank you for your time in reading this, if indeed you ever do.


There pretty much is no staff here.

Hi @brandneweyes00
Thank you much for putting my mind to rest, as this was pretty much as I figured it
It makes you wonder why anyone sticks around here, yet somehow attracts new members.
I guess I shall just have to review my options and make a conscious decision.
Thank you again, and please do take care and stay safe.

Kaylyne xxx


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